My Piada


I ate at an upscale fast food restaurant named Piada Italian Street Food on Central and Secor. You might recall the area as once partly occupied by a friendly neighborhood bar, Arnie’s, that catered to promiscuous men who’d be guaranteed a woman if their connections (and wallets) were true.

Piada’s is an Italian version of Chipotle. A lot of the same methodology. Start on the right hand side. Pick between a tascas (flat bread), piada (a glorified wrap), or pasta. I chose the familiar wrap.

A tortilla like wrap is heated up on a griddle. Then, I picked the steak piada that came with Marinated steak, spicy diavolo sauce, chopped romaine, shredded parmesan, and creamy parmesan drizzle.

The finished product reminded me of Chipotle, and that’s the point. My piada, loaded with ingredients, looked more like a burrito than any wrap I’ve ever eaten.

Piada’s is a trendy establishment in the same vein as Chipotle or Panera Bread. Americans in all 50 states are craving fast food, but the type that focuses on freshness and quality, anything a step above Subway or Burger King ingredients.

If you can soak up the chic ambiance and direct emotional play on an upscale uber popular Mexican eatery, Piada’s is a safe, familiar option.

Web Site:

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