First for Toledo: Crawfish Boil

David of David’s Cajun is an amateur chef obsessed with Louisiana cuisine. He is the man who holds regular Cajun cuisine inspired events. This time he ordered 60 pounds of fresh crawfish; shipped to Toledo from a provider in Louisiana.

At the Moxie on Adams St, 30 loyalists dined on gumbo as David sported a reassuring shirt as we waited for our taste of crustacean: Keep Calm and Eat Gumbo.

The food itself was far from spicy, so might not taste to a southerner like authentic cuisine. But David’s work is an obsession, a product of inspiration. Some of the people in attendance had never seen fresh, living crawfish in their lives.

People like this only eat crawfish when David invites them over. Perhaps once a year, if lucky. Taste, then, becomes secondary to the overall experience.

David smokes pork belly and tasso with hickory wood in a smoker he built from scratch. He’ll take the leftover live crawfish (30 pounds or so), boil them up, and individually remove all the tail meat and freeze it for a future gumbo.

Those who attended would hire him as their personal chef, or at least inquire about the potential for BFF compatibility. Expect more Cajun inspired dinners in the future at The Moxie.



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