Sushi Rumble

When Kengo Sushi opened a few months back, they had a stranglehold on the sushi demand in downtown Toledo. However, in two weeks, a Toledo City Paper favorite, Kyota Ka, will open for lunch at 400 Madison Ave. Kengo currently offers dinner only. When these two sushi joints figure out money can be made during both lunch and dinner, an all-out sushi brawl is fixing to happen.

Chef Joe of Kyota remains cool and collected throughout this brew ha-ha. His restaurant will sit double the capacity of what Kengo has. Although his menu will be trimmed down, since Kyota will serve just lunch, expect to see Korean bento boxes on the menu. One complaint about Kengo is the lack of a go to menu item guaranteed to fill one up.

The sushi itself, according to Chef Joe, will be less expensive in terms of money. Yet, as far as quality goes, Chef Joe contends that the sushi Kengo gets is from the same provider (another local chef mentioned that all sushi places in Toledo get their sushi from the same source).

Kengo, as the theory goes, charges more than most Toledo area sushi restaurants. Chef Joe explained how his BlueFin Otoro (tuna) is $5.25 apiece. Kengo charges 12 dollars for two pieces. Moreover, Kengo’s portions are small and elegant. Kyota slices a bigger, heartier portion.

From Chef Joe’s mouth, expect Kyota Ka to open in downtown Toledo by month’s end. For weeks, Kengo were planning to open for lunch. Not so fast.


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