Chef Rob Creative Genius

Chef Rob Creative Genius

Although Perrysburg Ohio residents are receptive to new local restaurants, they are said to have traditional pallets, such as a hankering for prime rib or Atlantic salmon. You’d think this food trend would throw off a chef like Rob Campbell at Stella’s. Yet Chef Rob’s menu sophisticates Midwest cuisine. There’s salmon with a beurre blanc sauce; fettuccine with a whiskey blue cheese cream. The menu is simplified at two pages, but not simplistic.

One of Chef Rob’s signature dishes is a grilled Caesar salad with beef Carpaccio and ciabatta crostini. Imagine eating cold smoked salmon or a paper thin cut of prosciutto. That’s what Carpaccio feels and tastes like. Ciabatta crostini is thinner than a traditional crostini, and so lighter and crisper than even a rice cake. The grilled romaine is smoky and salty, served whole.

Asked to explain his philosophy behind the salad, expecting a Kevin Hart-like description of an awkward circumstance, Chef Rob simply stated: “I just love Carpaccio and thought it would be good in a Caesar salad.” Alas, many creative geniuses often downplay their newsworthy creations.

Stella’s is located in downtown Perrysburg on Louisiana Ave. Kitchen is open Monday through Thursday 11 AM to 10 PM. Friday and Saturday from 11 AM to 11 PM.


The woman who inspired Stella’s


grilled Caesar salad with beef Carpaccio and ciabatta crostini


Where all the magic starts


Incredible skill to cook amazing dishes in such a small space


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