Single Origin Coffee in Northwest Ohio

As the pioneering force in Northwest Ohio coffee, Plate 21 in South Toledo offered pour-overs when standard brews were the norm. And now Plate 21 is the first and only coffee shop in the area to serve single origin espressos on Saturdays.

Here’s how Plate 21’s barista Andrew Trumbull analyzed the single origin: “The espresso blend is a lot of coffees. The flavors are going to be deeper. You might have different notes on the beginning, middle, finish. With a single origin, you’re just going to get that one sustained flavor.”

What makes this endeavor possible is Plate 21’s coffee from Michigan’s Mad Cap. Use the wrong blend (Folger’s) and the single origin espresso is flat. Use the perfect Mad Cap roast that has the right density and authenticity, and the espresso is assertive, clean and vibrant.

This past Saturday Plate 21 used Kanzu, its beans from Rwanda. Kanzu holds up really well to being served as an espresso, but of note, not all blends will. Plate 21 owner Sandy Spang remarked, “it’s ultimately a whole different level when you do a single origin.”



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