A Quest for Freshness

Tacos are supposed to be cheap. Ground chuck, iceberg lettuce strands, imitation shredded cheddar, sauce packets from Taco Bell, Ortega spice packet, Ortega taco shells. A small family’s supper that delves into another ethnic culture is under 12 bucks. Don’t want to cook? Tacos at Taco Bell are $1.19 each. And at Del Taco, buy a taco for just 69 cents.

El Tipico’s take on Mexican cuisine enables foodies to reconsider the commercialized taco. Dishes at El Tipico are purposely American, influenced by San Antonio’s Mexican food culture. “Mexican food can be tropical,” said owner and operator Dina Villa, “but San Antonio Mexican cuisine puts emphasis on peppers and flavors like mesquite.” El Tipico is ethnically driven and a taco lover’s destination.

Although the likes of Taco Bell are American as well, there’s no sense of ethnicity in their approach. That’s because Taco Bell and other Mexican restaurants in Northwest Ohio seek to make money at all costs. El Tipico is more concerned with changing how Mexican food is interpreted. And they do this by simply constructing the perfect hard taco.

By serving grass-fed beef, the mouthfeel of their hard tacos are vibrant and hearty. In contrast, other Mexican restaurants serve up beef that is often a textural mush. El Tipico serves each taco with organic tomatoes and organic romaine lettuce. The cheese is shredded fresh, and if left at room temperature, will stick and form into a cheese ball, indicating freshness. The taco shell is flash fried in-house.

For years Dina has been scouring the Toledo region for organic ingredients. It’s an obsession for her. She remarked, “We don’t use any MSG and no chemicals and no preservatives in our food at all. My wish is for other restaurants is that they use more organic products, or at least be chemical free.”

No other Mexican restaurant in town cares enough to be as pioneering.

Visit El Tipico on the web @

Don’t forget about Taco Tuesdays. $1.50 per taco, soft or hard.



One thought on “A Quest for Freshness

  1. We are long time El Tipico fans. The flavors are delicious, the food is fresh, and now that I have to deal with a wheat sensitivity, I appreciate that El Tipico offers a huge selection of gluten free dishes, including in-house made soft shells for dishes like burritos. There is no place else in the area that does that! We highly recommend El Tipico.

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