Analysis of a Slate Card

Let’s compare slate cards. First, consider what the DEMS sent me.


Conveniently, every name is on the list. “Officially Endorsed” is bolded in green. It also instructs voters to vote in every race. It’s like empowering an uneducated voter. But I’m nitpicking. The biggest problem with this slate card is that there aren’t any pictures to go along with the names, of which are typed so small anyone over 50 won’t be able to read. The following question will positively come up. Who the expletive is Denise Cubbon? Nobody identifies with a politician who’s only in fine print.

Now, consider the GOP slate card.


Everyone, as well, is on the slate card. But here’s the catch, two of the candidates weren’t endorsed by the party. Another one is only running because he hates gay men. Moreover, every candidate has their picture. Granted, meeting a candidate in person trumps a picture on a slate card. Compared to the DEMS slate card, this is high class stuff.

Which slate card would you prefer? Be honest.


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