More on Tom Troy’s Article: 671

Tom Troy in an article cited 427 Pearl St as receiving a 671, a lower value than what the certified appraiser came up with. Dropped down to 25k, the story noted. Since then, the home owner went to the Board of Revisions for further deductions. The property currently stands at 18k.

If the theory holds true, then every other home on that block, who didn’t go through the INF (informal review) or BOR, should have a higher property value.

I’ve included my findings in a colorful graph.

I looked at every home on the same side of the street. No one else went to either the INF or BOR.

Whatever Anita Lopez’s logic, she’s not helping the majority of home owners in Lucas County. How is that equitable when one single person gets a lower property tax bill?

My source is AREIS Online



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