Teresa Fedor: Invincible

Almost anything can be reimbursed if you’re a volunteer; we’re talking food, gas, and in some cases, cigarettes to keep a volunteer going. As a candidate, the rules change. One should not be reimbursed for a mortgage payment or car insurance, and here’s a rule I didn’t know of until today, you cannot be reimbursed for any organization’s dues.

Teresa Fedor was reimbursed for five months of dues at The Toledo Club at 324.21 a month. John Navarre took an unpaid leave of absence to run for auditor. A similar case would be Navarre using campaign funds to pay his mortgage. Sounds reasonable, right? No. There are rules, and Fedor has clearly broken a few.

The thing of it is that so many democrats in Lucas County think they are beyond reproach. They’re Justin Bieber-like or in the case of Teresa Fedor, more diva than Beyonce. This is the party with people who say “I’m not paying 10k worth of parking tickets” or another who says “I don’t get pulled over, so why do I need a driver’s license.” And to be truthful, Fedor’s going to win no matter what. Thinking logically, however, voters have to be tired of these shenanigans, right?

Take a look at the following expenditures from Teresa Fedor.



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