Get Out the Vote Event

Today’s event with Mary Taylor and Mike Dewine was surreal, annoying at times, and ultimately satisfying.

Meeting Mike Dewine was surreal. His wife, Fran, by the way, is extremely cool. Dewine is kind of short, and that inspires me. Yet he exudes command and confidence. In his speech, he talked about what he’s done in terms of rape victims. When Dewine is in the zone, it’s easy to want to pick his brain.

All of our candidates spoke at the event. Drew Blazik didn’t show up because he set up a fundraiser at the same time. Why he would continue with his fundraiser, knowing Dewine and Taylor were coming to Toledo, is beyond respite. Then, Kevin Haddad spoke at length about why he didn’t have to explain who he is. I had to step out of the room. Annoying and absurd.

We spent countless hours planning this event. We made the initial calls, did follow up calls, and in some cases, called the same numbers 3 times. The crowd was small at first, but grew and grew, and by the time Dewine started his spiel, we had a pretty decent crowd.

Another annoying thing…I saw and overheard Bill Delaney calling someone on the phone “dear” (his wife was at the event), which means Delaney, when the event was getting started, called someone to gossip. Why Republicans would support him is strange. He’s never around. He doesn’t volunteer, he doesn’t contribute money.

If this were a horror movie, Bill Delaney wouldn’t get killed. He’s like the gas station attendant spooking out a car full of arrogant coeds. The coeds die, of course. Not Bill Delaney. That was just a cameo.


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