from Johnny Hildo

Johnny Hildo’s article on John Navarre is a step by step argument from Anita Lopez as to why Navarre is not qualified to be Lucas County Auditor. Thank you to Johnny for prepping the Navarre team.

Here’s the gist of Johnny’s argument: one must be a politician to hold office. Anita is a politician. Navarre is not. Therefore, Anita is the better choice.

But who says an ordinary person can’t function in a political role? Sandy Spang fits that qualification. Statefarm agent and former State Rep Lynn Olman does as well.

What’s more, several of Anita’s hires were put in awkward positions to do jobs they initially didn’t know how to do. Such management hires went to people like John Navarre for help. They learned on the job. And Navarre is adaptable.

But what Toledo really wants is change. They’re tired of Anita using the auditor’s office as a stepping stone. Toledo doesn’t want career politicians. They’re genuinely tired of the Carty Finkbeiners in the world. ABC as I heard one democrat explain. Anybody but Carty.


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