Souls to the Polls

Tom Troy just posted a story on “Souls to the Polls,” in which African-American churches go in big groups to vote, usually on Sundays.

It’s an interesting concept specific to black churches. My father, a Chinese minister, NEVER did his version of souls to the polls.

That’s because voting is supposed to be a private thing. Sure, in the 60s media access was probably slim for certain minority groups. But in this day and age, everyone in American, everyone, has either access to the Internet or access to local television.

There are still those hardcore senior citizens who won’t tell you who they voted for. For the Black church, however, the Black churches that engage in souls to the polls, voting isn’t private.

Instead of focusing on God at church, there’s politics in the form of random politicians soliciting one’s vote. Voting should be a private matter not forced onto innocent church goers.

I’m not an advocate for any candidate going to any church randomly to meet potential voters.

Here’s a prime scenario:

Tonight I went to a Toledo City Paper event. Perhaps I should have worn by Navarre for Auditor shirt. Then, I should have brought the candidate so he could meet so many restaurateurs in the Toledo area. I could also take quality photos and post them onto Facebook.

But I still have a little pride left.

I could have also gone to the Labor Day parade wearing my Kasich t-shirt while carrying a Kasich super sign.

I would have made the news, in the care of a hospital.


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