The Anatomy of a Bad Facebook Photo


I have taken dozens of photos for the John Navarre for Lucas County Auditor Facebook page. Each photo tells a story and I’m getting good.

Here’s a photo posted by Anita Lopez’s Facebook page.

1. Notice the crease in the middle of the sign. It’s a bent sign.

2. There’s no one in the background. Granted, the picture is taken away from either UT tailgate, near the UT law school, but this picture, because no one is in it, could have been taken the day before for all we know. The parking lot isn’t even full.

3. It’s staged. Staged photos happen all the time in politics. You can tell the people in the photo are passerby simply because the middle guy is clearly intoxicated. College kids + tailgate = drunk young adults.

4. The drunk guy in the middle grabbing his friend’s right breast.


This is another one of Anita Lopez’s pictures.

1. In taking Facebook photos, ALWAYS zoom in.

2. At least crop the homeless guy to the right of the picture.


Now consider this photo I took of Navarre campaigning.

1. Everyone is waving.

2. Everyone is wearing a Navarre shirt.

3. There are cars in the background. This implies that we actually waved to people.

In closing, Facebook photos are tough to produce. But if you have quality workers managing your account, you the candidate will look like a genius.


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