Two Cameras Stolen

Today, someone went into the lobby at headquarters and stole my camera, as well as John Navarre’s camera. I am not upset, to be honest. His camera was purchased at Aldi’s; mine at Radioshack in 2008, so not only is it old and obsolete, but the battery dies incredibly fast. Time for an upgrade.

My theory is that the homeless lady down the road stole the cameras, as a friend said she was the only person to pass the building. She also lied to the police, saying her “son” was around the block at an interview. She took the cameras, but not my cell phone, as if a methodical thief.

The standard reasoning among so many Americans, consciously or subconsciously, is that her race played a factor in her actions. But the whole lot from Black to White steals. It’s not a race issue.

And it’s not an entirely class related issue. Rich people steal as often as the poor.

Why do people steal? Is it a capitalist problem? Why did God make one of the commandments, “thou shalt not steal”? And will a moral issue of whether to steal further enable damaging stereotypes?

Strikingly, the lady who I suspect stole the cameras never left her position down the road. Most thieves leave the seen quickly. Who took the cameras?  


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