I’m the one with the MBA!

I heard from a Mike Bell supporter last year that D. Michael Collins said “I’m the one with the MBA,” when presented with evidence that there was in fact a 48 million dollar deficit. He didn’t believe there was a deficit of such a magnitude.

A few months later I heard a different woman say the exact same thing; that Collins had remarked “I’m the one with the MBA,” in a conversation about completely different circumstances. The Mayor of Toledo has brought up his education level more than once.

That’s the problem with Toledo politicians. They are the smartest people in the room.

I talked to a local politician who wondered whether the job itself turns ordinary people in egotistical maniacs. Interesting.

According to The Blade, Collins not only knew about the imminent danger to our water supply, but he voted against increasing water rates as a city councilman.

Politically speaking, how does Collins ever recover?

Here’s the cold hard fact: barely a quarter of all Toledoens voted in the 2013 mayoral race, and Collins won by a lot. He’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

And would you trust city council to impeach Collins, the same council that voted against rate hikes?

Collins will probably do a lot of good in the next few years as Mayor. But if you think he’ll win reelection, you might be quixotic.

Anita Lopez for Mayor, anybody?

Imagine if Lopez were in charge right now. Instead of taking any responsibility, which Toledo politicans don’t do, she’d get into the blame game straight away. And we’d probably still be without water as we speak.

Then, there’s Councilwoman Lindsey Webb, who apparently told everybody who’d listen that there wasn’t a plan in place if we had a water crisis.

The same Lindsey Webb who walked out in a 6-5 vote on water rate increases, so Mike Bell couldn’t cast the tie breaking vote.

Nobody wants to take fault for the water disaster and this is probably why nobody votes.


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