Blight: Not a Concern for Everyone

City Council recently said they would develop a blight committee to tackle the problem of urban decay in Toledo.

It takes about a minute of driving in central, north, or east Toledo to find instances of blight, as if a class-system separating poor from the middle-class. You know when you’re in a poor neighborhood.

In order for the blight committee to work, every local politician has to be on-board. At the recent One Village Council meeting, there were a lot of noticeable absences: Rob Ludeman, Tom Waniewski, Matt Cherry, Steve Steel, and Anita Lopez.

Ludeman, Waniewski, Steel, and Cherry are on Toledo City Council. Anita Lopez is the Lucas County Auditor.

Firstly, the four council members are part of the entity that is creating the blight committee. They need to show up, or at least give an opinion if they can’t make it, ala Edna Brown.

Then, there’s Anita Lopez, who’s allowed so many properties across Toledo to regularly lose value in the last eight years. She could have made the point that blight literally reduces everyone’s home value.

County Commissioner Pete Gerken said to the crowd of 82 that when he was in city council he and others tried to tackle blight, only to be sued by outside influence, like banks.

I don’t think we get to that point again unless Rob Ludeman, Tom Waniewski, Anita Lopez, and others start to care about blight. At least attend the meeting.


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