A Jon Husted-Like Revelation

Understanding Jon Husted is relatively simple. He’s a tea party right-wing conservative, who identifies more with Tom Z than John Kasich.

According to Joe Vardon of the Columbus Dispatch, Jon Stainbrook’s opposition to former state party chairman Kevin Dewine, essentially lead to Stainbrook’s demise at the Board of Elections. This is also why Husted refused to appoint the local GOP executive committee recommendations of Kelly Bensman and Ben Roberts.


What Lucas County voters get now are 4 political retreads, who must learn on the job with a few weeks before the August election.

First, there’s Brenda Hill, who ran TPS rather well, but in what seems like a fit of over-stress, she quit her position as TPS board chair and didn’t run again. This is who’s chairing the board of elections.

Second, consider Peter Handwork and Mark Wagoner Sr, around the political scene for years. In that sense, these are not fresh faces. But the biggest concern is whether both can stand up to the powerhouse that is the Lucas County Democratic Party.

All of Stainbrook’s critics focus on the last few years and not the election disasters leading up. They hate Stainbrook like a wino hates merlot. It’s a theoretical hatred of Stainbrook, and not one based on concrete logic.

But the local party chairman stood up to the Democratic establishment. One must wonder if Handwork and Wagoner are more interested in peace and harmony than in looking out for Republican candidates. Because the dems will show up to the fight; ask Jack Ford.

Finally, don’t forget about John Irish—the guy who hired strippers to serve at a fundraiser. If there’s one thing about Irish it’s that he’ll show spurts of being incredibly biased and hardcore Democrat.

While Brenda Hill has her frequent panic attacks from having a job as chairman she isn’t physically qualified to do, Irish will probably be kicking Handwork and Wagoner’s collective asses, unless one of these Republican board members channels their inner Stainbrook.

Here’s the catch 22 regarding Husted. Let’s say the local BOE completely blows the November election. He’ll still have won his election! Voters won’t be able to change their vote. But even if Stainbrook isn’t involved at the BOE anymore, Husted’s politically correct move would be to blame Stainbrook anyways.


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