Kissinger and Bribery: An Abuse of Word Usage

Recently, a local Republican candidate had a fundraiser at his house. Completely naïve to politics, he invited both Jon Stainbrook and Dave Kissinger.

Three kronies accompanied Kissinger. None of whom paid the 25 dollar admission fee, even though one ate the food and another drank the beer.

He would show up late, and write a check for 100 dollars.

Kissinger bribed the three kronies into attending the fundraiser. In short, Kissinger didn’t want to go alone, so he promised to pay for three others.

This is classic bribery.

Yet, bribery happens all the time in politics, because bribery is an arbitrary word reserved for the helpless. If I volunteer only if I get a ride, that’s bribery in its broadest sense. If I buy someone a drink, that can lead to bribery, too.

When Kissinger throws out that word, seen here at Tom Troy’s blog post…

Kissinger ought to understand the word before he uses it.

I hear Kissinger sold a large shipment of 10mg tablets of Paxil to buy that suit he was wearing at the fundraiser.

Truth or hearsay?


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