Letter to Mayor Collins: Murals, Public Pools, and a 25% Raise

When Lindsey Webb wanted murals in North Toledo, Toledo City Counsel objected and reasoned that there wasn’t any money for it. Fiscal responsibility, they claimed.

Lindsey Webb wanted a public pool in North Toledo. Again, council members mentioned fiscal responsibility; absolutely no money for a public pool in her district.

Councilman Jack Ford had requested money be allocated toward homeless shelters and Carenet. No money in the budget for that either.

Mayor Collins recently requested a 25% pay increase for upper level management of the City of Toledo.

How can anyone with a straight face ask for pay raises when the city can’t afford to give money to homeless shelters?

Council members Paula Hicks-Hudson and Steve Steel, both liberal Democrats, questioned the Mayor’s logic. When Democrats, mural and pool loving progressive politicians, start to question your spending logic, Mayor Collins, you’re doing something wrong.



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