Political Future Vs. Racial Injustice

Due to public backlash, which included being called racist, Larry Sykes issued an apology to two police officers he accused of racial profiling. Let this be a lesson to everyone who drives without a front license plate or installs protective plastic over a rear license plate. Moreover, political motivations are huge in this case of probable profiling through racist means. If African-Americans in Toledo started a protest, if Al Sharpton had a comment, Sykes would not be retracting his statement. But we’ve learned a lot as a community, nonetheless. Most minorities believe racial profiling exists, while most of the majority thinks racial profiling doesn’t exist at all in Northwest Ohio. Lost in between is that racial profiling, and profiling in general, exists in every police department in America. Though not rampant in our area, as in Los Angeles or New York, there’s still probable cause to educate officers. To enforce seatbelt laws, police officers take classes on spotting violations. This is why an officer knows when a person just put on a seatbelt after making eye contact with a cruiser. Police should be spending much more time learning about evolving race issues and how to be sensitive toward a minority when laws are broken. The story, however, ended after Larry Sykes bailed on his accusation.


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