Illogical Politics: Stainbrook, Mike Bell, and a Swimming Pool

Politics is a strange phenomenon. When Stainbrook appointed Tony DeGidio to the Board of Elections, DeGidio lived in Toledo. He later moved to Youngstown. Stainbrook objected. Lucas County Board of Elections member living in another city? DeGidio swore to always vote anti-Stainbrook; hence, frequent 3-1 votes. Yet Stainbrook is regularly lambasted for recommending DeGidio at all. I wonder if any organization outside of the Italian mafia routinely whacks a superior (made man) when they bring in someone (rat) who doesn’t work out. But this is Toledo politics; the same community where former mayor Mike Bell unequivocally personifies a pro-Chinese, communist economic agenda, a character assassination first started by labor unions.

There’s news this week about racial profiling in Toledo. Larry Sykes, city councilman, was pulled over for no apparent reason other than his license plate confusing a police officer. During 2013’s mayoral election, D. Michael Collins said something like, according to a report he read, racial profiling does not exist in Toledo. Probably not in Chinese circles; I’m not racially profiled by Toledo police. But Black men, more so than every minority group combined, deal with racial profiling in Toledo on an everyday basis. Clearly, at least, the Toledo Black community should have universally supported Mike Bell, but it’s believed that Mike Bell has more love for Chinese folk than his own kin.

What’s also politically strange is the uproar in regards to a public swimming pool in North Toledo. The Black community won’t support a Black politician, indirectly supporting a candidate who doesn’t think racial profiling exists in his community, but will protest the city to open a public pool? What we need now is a mild summer to prove skeptics wrong. Of all the social services to give money to, such as homeless shelters (championed by Jack Ford), and in Toledo, up for debate this week is whether a swimming pool should be opened.

But that’s politics in Toledo. Fewer than 10% of Republicans vote in a primary. Of course, we voted into the State Central Committee a man in Bill Delaney who’d repeal the smoking ban in a heart beat, thereby avoiding over 40k in smoking fines. We have an abundance of strip clubs. Several Asian Massage Parlors that offer happy endings. A bunch of frozen yogurt stands. We’re supersaturated with churches and bars. And one really good art museum.


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