238 Years of a White Male Dominant America

America is inherently white male centered. Consider that the vast majority of all decisions through the federal government have been made by white men. 238 years of white male dominance. There’s a reason for the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Equal Rights Amendment of 1970. There’s nothing inherent in our constitution regarding equal rights. We have to change the constitution to adhere to the rights of everyone who isn’t white and male. Even in New York City’s Chinatown, white men are de facto managers of dim sum restaurants, even illegal gambling rooms. This is because the system, the rule of law, what sides of the street people drive on, the electricity, the water, Tsing Tao beer, all hearkens back to white men.

The consequence of a white male dominated society is that white women get grouped into the hierarchy by association. Moreover, the majority of white women in the 238 year history of America have married into other white families, so the comparison is valid. The essence of Peggy Mcintosh’s piece postulates the inevitable blessing of a white skin color. Subsequently, all white people in her piece are categorized as privileged. White women are in a tough situation. The ones who acknowledge their privilege are tasked with proving themselves daily to other minorities, and to further the point of Mcintosh’s piece, a lot of white women don’t even acknowledge that they are privileged.


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