Chef Jun’s Competitive Spirit

I asked Chef Jun from Rice BLVD to make his version of a Dragon Roll timed and on camera. This idea developed out of watching a Youtube video of Gordon Ramsey struggling to construct a Dragon Roll, eventually taking thirteen minutes. In contrast, a good sushi chef should finish somewhere around two minutes. For reference, watch the Gordon Ramsey clip, then see the speed, technique, and execution exhibited by Chef Jun as he attempts the Dragon Roll.

Ramsey Clip

Chef Jun in Action

Then, I timed Chef Jun as he deconstructed a huge salmon.

Whole Salmon

Whole Salmon

Chef Jun and I both agree that the best part of a fish is the head. He recommends broiling it simply with salt and pepper.

First Step: Chop Off Head

First Step: Chop Off Head

Keep the Fish Clean


Getting Ready to Take Bones Out



After cleaning and filleting the salmon, Chef Jun first salts the meat to remove moisture. He soaks the fish in vinegar to remove bacteria. Freezes it for four days. All he has to do then is cut off the frozen layer of vinegar.

Uncovering the Salmon After Freezing

Cutting Up Salmon After Freezing

Check out the video on Youtube.


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