Restaurant Review: Bar 145 4.8/5.0

Ordering a burger at Bar 145 is an inexact methodology, but the multitude of options works and heightens the dinner experience. They look, sound, and taste appealing. Try the grass fed beef from Montana seasoned with only salt and pepper. It’s on brioche made from scratch by an underappreciated bread baker in Holland, Ohio. Add a slice of vine ripe tomato, bitter arugula, sharp cheddar, roasted peppers, basil pesto, garlic aioli.

The end result is an incredibly juicy burger; in fact, almost too juicy, the burger’s ingredients rowing back and forth between my hands like a boat. The hamburger isn’t a glorified whopper. My burger is a third of an inch thick, large enough to have it mid-rare. Other places serve up quarter inch patties, so thin that these burgers can only be well-done. The char-broiled flavor profile of a burger at Bar 145 lingers as much as the sensation of a stuffed stomach. You might blindly eat the entire one pound burger in minutes without the discipline of moderation.

Some of us want to eat amazing beef, reasonably low in saturated fat and calories. The competition insists on serving fatty forms of ground chuck, usually around 80% lean, 20% fat, or theoretically as low as 70/30. Such meat is two to three dollars less a pound than the premium ground beef served at Bar 145, whose meat is always 100% lean.

The risk in serving a more expensive cut of meat is if anybody in the Toledo area has the wherewithal to know the difference. And Toledoens do since Bar 145 is known particularly as a good hang out spot with a profound menu, an atmosphere that is both loud and controlled ruckus, a warm enclosed patio, and burgers that would ideally come with two latex gloves and alone time.


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