Restaurant Review: Revolution Grille 4.7/5.0

Rob Campbell is a trustworthy chef. Anything he cooks at any venue illuminates a pallet. Consider the perpetual downfall of Mancy’s Bluewater Grill since he left and became his own CEO. Although still insanely popular, its allure diminished. The menu is lackadaisical, with unremarkable takes on tartar and fried calamari. The substance behind Bluewater transferred over to Revolution Grille.

The smash hit at Revolution Grille is the grilled romaine Caesar. Chef Rob made a name for himself at Bluewater as a seasoned grilling chef, serving up gorgeous sea bass pulsating at its edges just enough to show that he perfectly cooked the meat, hickory smoked and glossy. But at Revolution he has free reign to grill more than just fish, even the likes of baby romaine lettuce, left whole.

The romaine tasted slightly charred, smoky, and vaguely salty. A wonderful dressing, crispy croutons, and shaved parmesan. At the time, the star of the dish seemed like the beef Carpaccio. I would fantasize about these flavor profiles, and regularly ache for the salad, literally salivating.

The second time didn’t come with Carpaccio, so for a nominal price they added jumbo gulf shrimp. I found that the star of the dish actually is the romaine. In a bit of ironic displeasure, I ordered a similar sounding dish from a restaurant in Perrysburg, which produced plain, un-grilled romaine. It’s not that the romaine is simply grilled by Chef Rob’s staff, but on a wood burning grill, a flavor profile unmatched in the culinary scene of Northwest Ohio.

I thought the salad blew my mind. What about everything else?


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