Restaurant Review: Famous Dave’s BBQ 4.5 – 5.0

Heather Steiner
Intro to Lit

My boyfriend and I visited Famous Dave’s to enjoy some delicious southern cooking. Although located in Toledo, Ohio this restaurant’s atmosphere is one of a kind, making you feel like you just walked into the south. Pots and pans hang from the wall and on one wall a collection of license plates from every state. Famous Dave’s has a seating choice of either a booth or table, decorated with red checkered cloths similar to a typical diner in the south. Instead of just having one napkin, they had a whole roll of paper towels so that customers would not have to worry about making a mess when eating their ribs. As our waitress seated us, we received a menu offering many choices, though simple enough to understand. They do not call it southern hospitality for no reason. At Famous Dave’s all are welcome and the waitresses make sure you feel right at home.

Famous Dave’s has an abundance of barbecue options, although my favorite is the ribs. They feature onion strings as the least expensive appetizer costing $6.99 to $39.99 for a party platter of wings. For my meal I picked their award winning St. Louis-style ribs. These ribs were pit smoked for 3-4 hrs with Dave’s secret sauce. I ordered a ½ slab for $16.99, which included two sides as well as a corn bread muffin. The best part of Famous Dave’s experience is trying their 6 unique sauces: sweet & zesty, Texas pit, Devil’s spit, rich & sassy, Georgia mustard, and Wilbur’s revenge. As for quantity, a meal at Famous Dave’s is bound to fill your belly full – my boyfriend and I both left with leftovers. Everyone should pick up Famous Dave’s secret sauces from Wal-Mart and fire up a grill.


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