Restaurant Review: Bay Shore Supper Club 2.5 – 5.0

Amanda Burgy
Intro to Lit

I decided to visit the Bay Shore Supper Club in my hometown of Oregon Ohio. This is a restaurant that was right down the street from where I lived, but I had never visited it before. Bay Shore is an Oregon institution. The restaurant has been through both world wars and the Great depression. During the prohibition, boat loads of bootlegged whiskey were distributed through the restaurant. I figured a place good enough to survive for this long must be the place to eat.

The restaurant has the feeling of a neighborhood bar. It looks old fashioned and clearly seemed family owned and operated, like a place in the movie of a small town, where everyone goes to eat. The waitresses still take orders on a pad of paper the “old fashion” way. This place is not elegant by any means, and the place is a little pricier then I would have expected. The dining room is very quiet and peaceful and you can look out the window and see the lake.

While I visited the Bay Shore, I ordered there perch dinner which was $16.99. Although the portion size was pretty generous, the quality of the food was not what would be expected for the price. The batter on the perch was a little too thick for my liking and not enough flavoring of spices. I also received mash potatoes, and they seemed as though they were made from a box.

When my friend attempted to order a steak, they told him that they were out of it, so he had to choose chicken. When I went to order dessert, I wanted to order the chocolate pie and they were out. So I had to order lemon, which was pretty good, no complaints there. I found it a little annoying when other guest asked to order things, the waitress kept saying they were out of the items as well. I would have to say that if I were asked to go to dinner at the Bay Shore, I would not take the offer. The food is overpriced. We ended up having a bill of over fifty dollars.


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