Restaurant Review: Berger’s Olde Tyme Grill 4.5/5.0

Stephanie Bradner
ENG 200

Berger’s on Laskey Road was voted Best Burger in Toledo, and it definitely deserves this title. As a very small bar, there is little to almost no lighting when you first walk in, but there are lights over the tables, so it gets brighter once you sit down. There are six booths and three tables that seat four people, and then there is the bar which has twenty-five bar stools. So, seating is limited. The bar is usually full of regulars and locals. They have a bunch of TV’s always showing ESPN and any game you request.

But the whole reason to go to Berger’s is for the burgers. The regular ½ pound burger comes with the typical mayo, ketchup, mustard, lettuce and pickle. For $1.79 more you can add bacon. This just isn’t any bacon. Imagine two thick cut sticks of bacon that hang over the burger by at least a half inch on both sides. They have another burger that is called the Western Burger; ½ pound patty with fried onions on top and covered in barbeque sauce. The fries are thick cut and always hot, sprinkled with a little salt and drenched in ketchup.

There is a full service bar and has a very nice liquor selection, but the best part is always the nice cold Bud Light on draft. The burgers on this menu are no more than $7.00 and a 23oz Bud Light draft for $2.43. The bartenders are really sweet and the experience is out of movie – you walk in and they instantly greet you with a “hi sweetie, have a seat and we will be right with you!” The ladies were super friendly and visibly loved to talk to anyone! Ask politely and they will change the TV to the game or show of your choice. We loved this bar and will definitely be going back not just for the burgers but for the people. Mostly for the burgers!


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