Eating Wings in NW Ohio

In Toledo, there are as many bars with bad food and bad drinks as there are churches, and on Tuesday nights, the trendy thing to do is to drink beer and eat wings. Wings are so popular that for an additional twenty cents places like the House of Meats will sell wings without the feathery tips, already chopped up. The term is a wing ding.

I quit drinking beer a few months ago because of the empty carbs, and the wings, well, an open problem. I love eating wings, especially flats, as opposed to drummies. Each wing is bathed in starch and deep fried, and with sauce, approximately 110 calories. Incidentally, the appetizer sampler at Buffalo Wild Wings is 2400 calories for the readers trying to bulk up.

On Tuesday nights, Toledoens frequent, Buffalo Wild Wings, Frickers, Hooters, and Jed’s. The latter two’s wings look and taste the same. Firstly, both restaurants serve relatively small wings, and their hotter sauces are based in Frank’s Red Hot hot sauce. Frickers have bigger wings; however, they are technically more skin and breading than meat and substance. My favorite is at Buffalo Wild Wings. I specifically love the “wild” sauce, which is hot and incredibly tasty. Other places that offer wings include The Wing Station (dull sauces), and Chinese places Balance (dry wings, bland taste) and Spicy Tuna (same problem).

Wings are a cultural phenomenon in Toledo. Get on board.


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