Restaurant Review: Balance Pan-Asian Grill 3.4/5.0 Rating

Expect a progressive dining experience when eating at Balance Pan-Asian Grill. You eat out of a cardboard box and drink water from plastic Dixie cups.  The atmosphere in new-age: hip hair-salon type music; orders are stored in I-Pads; and the décor is futuristic. Balance recently opened its second store on the corner of Central Ave and Holland Sylvania Rd. The first store is hidden away in Maumee, and features a tea bar, and plastic cups, naturally.

I ordered the following items: Chinese Five Spice Wings ($5), rather boring, lacking a distinctive burst of flavor; Vegan Pot Stickers ($5) wrapped in seaweed, simply amazing; and Tacos Char Siu ($6) with apple, onion, and pickled ginger, being a workable marriage of flavors. The build your own portion of the menu features the Wiseman (Chinese veggie sauté), Four Star (General Tso’s), Nuts4Pao (spicy), Sweet and Sour, as well as, Sassy Me (sesame oil). Pick a sauce, and then a protein, like chicken or steak, followed by a starch.

Whatever combination you pick, the flavors will change your pallet. In truth, the only caveat one has from eating at Balance is that the food literally tastes too healthy.


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