Restaurant Review: Calvino’s 2.2/5.0 rating

Restaurant Review: Calvino’s 2.2/5.0 rating

The first time I went to Calvino’s was in 2002. We ordered a pizza, and though I do not remember the size or toppings, I still feel the adrenaline from eating with that girl. Throughout the years, I admit to hitting on the same waitress twice (did not recognize her), perusing their great wine selection, and consistently, even willfully, eating the same dreadful pizza.

When you eat at Calvino’s, expect above average food that can be easily constructed at home, or at the very least bought at low-end pizza joints, like Pizza Hut or Gino’s. I ate last night with my classmates, a type of celebratory end of the semester dinner. Across the table, one ordered an alfredo ($10.70), which looked incredibly tasty; to my right, a huge plate of tortellini ($10.25) that I tried and that signified a pasta entrée at a high-end deli; and to my left, a classmate instantly regretting his order upon viewing a stromboli ($17.40).

The rest of us split an extra-large Greek pizza, half without pine nuts ($20.75). Amazingly, the pine nuts drastically change the flavor of the pizza. There is the blandness of the pizza, the complete disregard for feta as an important flavor change in direction, and then, a strange crunch of a toasted pine nut.

In truth, good pizza is hard to come by in Northwest Ohio. What I want is a class margarita pizza, creamy mozzarella, fresh basil, baked in a wood oven. Being picky is about comparing a sit-down meal to your ideal circumstances, never settling. Maybe after this review people will stop asking me to eat at Calvino’s; or I need to stop mentioning that place as an eating option.


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